Kevin C

I have ALWAYS been afraid of going to the dentist.  Every dentist I've been to has always hurt me.  The Root Canal I had done today was over with SO QUICKLY I didn't even know he started.  It was quick & absolutely painless.  Not only does Dr. Banta Rock, but so does his staff!!!


Kevin C.

I love coming to Dr. Bantas office. It's fun to get my teeth cleaned.

Love Scottlyn

My wife and I are fairly new members to Indiana (2 years) and were recommended to Dr. Bantas' office by my daughter in law. One of the best moves I made. I couldn't believe the personal interest that all of the people in the office took to make my visit as comfortable as possible. They explained every step of the visit, so I knew exactly what to expect.

I had to have a crown put on one of my teeth, and expecting the worst, it was over before I knew it!
The equipment Dr. Banta used was amazing; the Novacaine was a walk in the park because in the state we come from (Mass.) they still jam long needles into your gums to numb your face. The electronic device Dr. Banta uses is virtually pain free, and I no longer have to endure a white knuckle experience.
Because of the way I was treated by everyone at the office, I'm not hesitant about my future visits. Dr. Banta and his office staff are top notch, and make you feel like a personal friend, not just a person they're offering a service to.

I would recommend Dr. Banta and his staff 24/7. They don't come any better.

Yours Truly,

Dick B.

I just had my first experience with Dr. Banta and his wonderful staff, what a great experience. I needed a procedure that required shots; I was assured that they would make it as painless as possible. I am thrilled to report that they were in fact painless! Our family will continue to use their services and I highly recommend them to anyone that would like a better dental experience. Great job Dr. Banta!

Joe S.

.. always had trouble having teeth extracted. Had no trouble today, first time in 60 years--no trouble. No pain.

Burl S.

I used to not want to come to the dentist. It was a scary place. With my family history I had it in my mind that I would end up with dentures.
After my last few cleanings I realized the dentist is a safe place and it is good for my health. I felt like I was being pampered! Thank you Jesus for my change of heart and for all the help from the hygienist who was so sweet.
Dana D. 11/6/2023

I have had a lot of dental work done over many years. The appointment with Dr. Banta for a filling was the most pleasant dental experience I have ever had--NO PAIN!

Jennifer R

No place I can think of to better be. Great service and I can just lay back and relax. Thank you guys.


Angela W.

He is the gentlest Dentist I've ever had. So happy my daughter recommended him. I I highly recommend him and his staff.

Cathy F.

I didn't feel a thing. It was not as bad as a shot. I would tell everyone about it.

Damion W.

My experience @ Dr. Banta's office was amazing. The way I was numbed before my procedure was quick and painless. No needle with the Dr.'s shaky hand pushing the numbing medicine into my gums. It was a simple wand that when inserting the numbing medicine had no pressure or pain. I got numb really fast.

Kristi S

I like the shot procedure that is used by Dr. Banta. It is less painful than the old shot method. There are many amazing "state of the art" procedures used by Dr. Banta. I appreciate the work he does for me.

Allen W.

This is the best dental experience I have ever had. They were kind and professional. I had no pain at all and had 2 teeth pulled, I was out in about 20 minutes. Thank you Dr. Banta and staff.


Don S.

I like Dr. Banta's Dental office. The assistants are great, the office ladies are very nice. I'm comfortable being here.

Babbette S.

When we first moved to Portland our family gave Dr. Banta a try. We love it here. We have since moved away, but I still drive over one hour to get here. I would drive many many miles to stay with Dr. Banta. His staff is friendly and the care is great.

Angela C

First time to Dr. Banta's office and everybody is so nice and treat you with care. Got fillings today and the WAND (to numb) was fantastic, barely knew he was numbing my mouth...and the massage dental chair, fantastic!! Everything went great!!

Bonnie N

I needed to have an extensive amount of dental work done and I do not numb easily. Dr. Banta discussed sedation dentistry with me. It was the best experience I have had getting work done. I was completely relaxed, numb and was not "aware" of the work. Six hours later (no time concept) and I was done. A new crown, root canal and six old fillings replaced! I recommend this sedation dentistry! It's a God send.

Renae E.

I just wanted to say how pleased and impressed I am with the job that Marilyn Laux does at my appointments every single time. She is, besides being skilled and efficient, possessive of excellent character and genuine warmth that makes my visits to the dentist a time to look forward to. I hope that she is acknowledged for going above and beyond. Thank you so much. And God bless all of you! :)

Elizabeth F.

Today I received exceptional dental care at Family Dentistry in Portland. I was extremely happy with the staff and was welcomed as a new patient. They were extremely friendly and good with the kids during my visit. The hygienist (Chrissy) who did my exam was far beyond the best dental hygienist that I have ever had before. I recommend anyone who needs dental care to come to this establishment.

Brandy W.

I was very nervous due to health problems and a bad experience at my previous dentist. From my initial call for an appointment to leaving after my appointment they were wonderful. The girls at the front desk, the hygienist, assistant and Dr. Banta were all great. They had no problem with my bringing someone for moral support and made me comfortable every step of the way.--Thanks to all of you.

Mary W.

I feel very confident when I come to the dentist now. I used to be scared of the shots that a dentist would give. "Mr Wand" is wonderful it has definitely been an improvement, there is definitely no pain. It makes you feel very comfortable.

Terry H.

Over 2 years I stayed away from the dentist because of one bad experience I had with a military dentist. I sometimes have trouble getting the area numbed, because of scar tissue and hardware which is implanted in my upper jaw. It is also usually very painful when the "long needles" are injected into those areas. I developed a huge fear of the dentist. I am here to tell you that the anesthetic system that Dr. Banta uses is amazing and not as scary as I made it up to be or remembered from past experience. No long needles,a little pinch-not uncomfortable. I didn't even realize he was numbing the area that's how easy it was. I waited too long to get here and my teeth, gums, and self esteem suffered for it. Fear is gone. I will be back to finish more work!

Angela T

I am"amazed"at how easy and pain free the numbing process was. I had terrible experiences in the past with dental work (just the numbing). Awesome job Dr. Banta and staff.

Emily D

I have 3 children that started out at Dr. Banta's dental office when they needed their first cleaning. They are now in their teens and have no fear of the dentist. They look forward to seeing the staff. I am a mother with 5 children and all my children have seen Dr. Banta with no complaints. As my 2 older children have started their own families and live in this area Dr. Banta and his staff members will see the next generation of my family. Not even a question of where they will receive their dental care. My family is grateful for the great care from the staff of Dr. Banta's dental office.

Debbie W, Jennifer , Michael , David , Dawn, and Dakota

Some people are nervous about seeing a dentist but I have always felt very relaxed and comfortable at Dr. Banta's (Family Dentistry). Everyone is so friendly and caring and helpful.

Jenny B

I was very pleased and impressed with the staff at Dr. Banta's office. Everyone is very nice, very professional and will do all they can to make you relax. Dr. Banta is great! Thanks to all the staff and Dr. Banta for everything. I recommend Dr. Banta's office to everyone.

Jeff C.

Dr. Banta and staff were very professional. Very fast & pain free.

Angela M.

The wand is amazing, I wouldn't be here in this office if I had to have a regular injection. I am scared of needles. The wand is painless.

Jolene S.

My day at Dr. Banta's office under sedation was awesome. I do not remember the procedure and no pain. I was very pleased!

Lisa E.

Dr. Banta and none of the staff has ever made me feel pain--during or after procedures.

Fred D.

I worried 3 weeks because I knew when I was going to get my impressions (that) I was going to gag so bad, that I figured I would vomit. Dr. Banta went as far as to cut down the impression tray to make it smaller so I would not vomit. He sure made it soooo easy after that I figured I needed a milkshake. Thanks Doctor you did good.

Bill M.

This was the best dental experience I ever had--there was no pain at all. I strongly suggest that you come to Dr. Banta for any dental work you have done--best dentist I've ever been to.

John G.

Our son is scared to death of a dentist. He's 25 and has to have a tooth re done. My husband spoke up and told him he needed to go to Dr. Banta instead of where he was going because you can not feel him stick the needle in to numb you and if you do it's not bad, just a tiny stick. I told him the same thing. We've been coming here for years. Would never go anywhere else!

Teresa R.

Dr. Banta is the most caring dentist--no pain and he does his best to make you comfortable! He is the best! Staff is great and friendly.

Roxanne A.

Great staff-lots of smiles. The dentist promised no pain with root canal and he delivered. Walked out smiling, great care from staff!!!

Debbie W.

I am a baby when it comes to needles and pain, but Dr. Banta was so good I hardly felt anything. Just a teeny twinge. I won't be so fretful the next time I come! I had a front tooth that was rotting and it got to the point I did not want to smile in pictures. I am so happy to have it fixed! Now I can't stop smiling!! Yay!

Melanie J.

I was truly amazed when Dr. Thomas Banta numbed my mouth and I felt no pain.

Susan L.

I have been waiting for this day for a long time. I can't remember the last time I wasn't afraid to smile, ashamed to smile. My experience wth Dr. Banta and his staff has been wonderful and more than I expected. My top denture looks so real and amazing. I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings. Thank you for everything. Thank you for my smile.

Julie H.

I had dental work done by Dr. Thomas Banta and I'd like to share by experience with sedation dentistry. I'd like to but I can't, because I don't remember. I don't remember the conversations, the dental work or any pain before or after the procedure. All I remember is the friendly staff upon arrival. Thanks for the great experience of being able to forget all of the bad stuff. Best dental visit in my life.

Charles M.

I have never had a less painful extraction or shot experience as I had with Dr. Banta. Dr. Banta and staff are awesome.

Sonny P.

I really appreciate the painless approach to Dr. Banta's dentistry! I used to dread getting the shots to numb me but now with his initial topical application of pain relievers I barely know I'm getting shots. Thanks!

Janice M.

I really appreciate the way that Dr. Banta is able to get my mouth numb in a pain-free manner. Previously for me the worst part of going to the dentist was the pain involved in getting numb. Dr. Banta has never caused me pain in the procedure.

Jeffrey H.

Mere thanks are not enough to show my appreciation to everyone at Dr. Bantas office. This is so awesome. Everyone put forth so much effort and extra time into helping me. My heartfelt thanks and gratitude goes to each and everyone of you. You all have given me something to truly smile about.

Love Kathy H.

As a new patient to Dr. Banta's practice I appreciated how thoroughly the Doctor and the hygienists explained what my dental problems were and what could be done to treat them. I also like the video presentations covering my concerns.

Roger H.

Prior to coming to Dr. Banta's office in 1994 I was extremely apprehensive at the mere thought of any dental treatment (including cleanings!) I regularly cancelled and rescheduled appointments at the last minute and I had to take an antianxiety medication before all appointments. Now I don't dread any appointments and I actually look forward to my recare visits with Dr. Banta and Marilyn. I feel like Dr. Banta's team really care about me and for me.

Sandy P.

After having a mild reaction to one of the topicals used for numbing, I requested to use nothing prior to having the wand used for numbing--It was absolutely painless! My fear of the wand was, seemingly, for nothing! I travel four hours to Dr. Banta's office because I trust the work by him and his staff--from the front desk to back (assisting and hygiene) to billing--it is TOP NOTCH!

Kylea L.

I came to Dr. Banta for a root canal and was terrified from a bad past experience. I was shaking so bad but when all said and done I never felt any pain whatsoever. I was totally shocked. So I recommend everyone to go to Dr. Banta and his team. I was amazed. Good job done. You're the best!

Terri B.

Dr. Banta and his staff are very kind. Your comfort is always the most important thing to them. They put your mind at ease. They even give you a blanket when you are cold. I had a reaction to medication once and Dr. Banta and Jackie sat with me to make sure I was okay. The whole staff is excellent.

Linda L.

The scariest thing for me at the dentist is getting a shot. This is my first time at Dr. Banta's and I wasn't sure he was giving me a shot. There was no pain. Thank you.

Phyllis T.

My experiences at Dr. Banta's office have been very pleasant. The people and staff are very patient and kind. And I thank them for that.

Denice B.

I was a little nervous, even scared. But I didn't feel a thing. It's awesome. I never had a tooth pulled before.

Erin S.

If you're worried about a root canal - Dr. Banta does it well. I must confess I slept thru the whole thing.

Emily O.

Thank you for all your help with my new smile! Your entire staff is the very best you could have. It took 40 years...but I can finally look forward to dental appointments!

Layna B

Dr. Banta, Marilyn & staff

I must say I never thought I would be writing my dentist a "thank you"--but your kindness & support have been very appreciated these past months. I still don't "want" to come to the dentist, but you sure make it easier when I have to.

Thanks again to everyone,


I just want to let you know how great your staff is. I had worked a 12 hour shift after being up over 36 hours. Your staff took care of me so well and that is why I drive from over an hour away to continue having my dental needs taken care of at your office. Thank you ladies. You are very appreciated

Donna D

He's Amazing.

Karen J

I have always been afraid of going to the dentist. Every dentist I've been to has always hurt me. The root canal I had done today was over with so quickly I didn't even know he started. It was quick & absolutely painless. Not only does Dr. Banta rock, but so does his staff!!!

Kevin C

The wand is amazing. I wouldn't be here in this office if I had to have a regular injection, I am scared of needles! The wand is painless.

Jolene S

I was very pleased and impressed with the staff at Dr. Banta's office. Everyone is very nice, very professional and will do all they can to make you relax. Dr. Banta is great! Thanks to all the staff and Dr. Banta for everything. I recommend Dr. Banta's office to everyone.

Jeff C

Dr. Banta is very good at dentistry. He is very patient and nice. The girls are very good and awesome.

Renee U